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Hopeless Clothing Kickstarter


Hopeless Clothing is an organic, sustainable fashion streetwear brand made in the UK.

My name is Hope and I'm Hopeless.

I started Hopeless Clothing at the beginning of this year with a friend and fellow NUA (Norwich University of the Arts) graduate. Both of us being fortunate enough to live in Norwich, we set out with my Hopeless idea and a community of creative people that support all avenues of art and design. 

Being based in Norwich, UK, I source from local companies who share the same ethos when it comes to garment care, as well as support a community of creative post-graduates and local artists. This community is close knit and everyone seeks to support new talent and ideas.

When I set to work on my sustainable fashion company, I decided I wanted three things: it to be organic, support local creative groups and be totally rad. Nothing serious, just without irrigating seas. 

Each t-shirt featured is an individual custom design ARIO studios and I came up with. I wanted each garment to be size and unisex friendly.

All necklines and cuts come in a S/M and M/L, except the Oversized Tee, my intention for this was to be a dress/extra long t-shirt dependant on how you wanted to wear.

Being a girl who wears brands such as Stussy and Adidas, I was fed up with every women's tee being hemmed to fit the skin or cropped, I felt this alienates groups of women due to size, height, comfort etc. The designs on the shirts are inspired by traditional tattoos and the cut of the t-shirts by streetwear and urban style - creating hopelessness - Playful, stylish, unisex streetwear.